5/2/14 Learn about the latest and greatest statewide public safety technology programs such as radio, CCTV, CAD/RMS, and situational awareness
3/12/2012 New Video on Homeland Security Goal
9/11/2011 Statement from Governor Martin O’Malley on the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks
9/9/2011 A More Resilient Maryland: 12 Core Capacities for Homeland Security
9/1/2011 Governor O'Malley Tours Maryland Transit Administration Police Monitoring Facility
8/30/2011 Statement from Governor Martin O’Malley on Current Status of Power Outages
8/23/2011 Statement from Governor Martin O'Malley on Today's Earthquake
8/18/2011 Governor O’Malley, Governor Markell Announce New Information Sharing Initiative
7/22/2011 Governor O'Malley Announces Retirement of State Police Superintendent Sheridan
3/27/2011 Maryland Announces Monitoring of Air and Water for Trace Amounts of Radioactive Materials Following Japanese Nuclear Incident; Very Small Amounts Detected in Air Pose No Public Health Risk
3/11/2011 Governor Martin O'Malley Urges Caution As Storm Could Cause Flooding and Hazardous Conditions
10/10/2010 Governor O'Malley Announces New Additions to Maryland's World-Class Emergency Response
4/9/2010 Governor O'Malley's Letter to the FCC Chairman on Reallocating the D-Block to Public Safety
2/4/2010 President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts
10/28/2009 Arinc Supplies Cisco System for Maryland Interoperability Network
9/24/2009 Governor O'Malley and County Executive Jim Smith Highlight Progress on $57 Million Project to Completely Replace County's Public Safety Radio Communications Network
9/23/2009 Secretary Napolitano and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley Announce $6 Million in Recover Act Homeland Security Grants for Maryland
3/24/2009 Governor Martin O'Malley Delivers Keynote Address Before the Center for National Policy
7/16/2009 Governor Martin O'Malley Announces the Creation of Civic Guard for Emergency Preparedness
6/5/2009 Secretary Napolitano Swears in Homeland Security Advisory Council Members
1/15/2009 Governor Martin O'Malley Announces Homeland Security Progress for Maryland and Statewide Emergency Management Comprehensive Plan
7/10/2008 Governor Announces New Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan
10/1/2007 Governor O'Malley Announces $29 Million in Homeland Security Funding to Local Communities
7/30/2007 Governor O'Malley Delivers Homeland Security Address to Democratic Leadership Council