Pinterest Pitch

Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of the participants for entering the 1st-ever Maryland Pinterest Business Pitch Contest.

Below are all of the entries in the order that they were recieved. Winners will be announced at a future date. Please feel free to comment on any of the entries below.

Husky Power--Boot Strapper

Raw-Room--Boot Strapper

Molly White Marketing--Boot Strapper

Toolspinner--Boot Strapper

Laura moore Designs--Boot Strapper

Armor Down--Student Entrepreneur

In-Room Spa Box--Boot Strapper

Popcorn & Ice Cream--Boot Strapper

Clean and Proper--Boot Strapper

Sweet Hearts--Boot Strapper

BeerGivr--Boot Strapper

Splurge App--Boot Strapper

Activity Rocket--Boot Strapper

FarmBot--Student Entrepreneur

X-preneurs--Boot Strapper

Route Rider--Student Entrepreneur

Quintain Marketing--Boot Strapper

Candy on the Row--Boot Strapper

Solomons Ghost Walk--Student Entrepreneur

SoapPrizes--Student Entrepreneur

SoapBox Soaps--Boot Strapper

Give Me Free Food--Boot Strapper

Page's Corner--Boot Strapper

My Hopeful Journey--Boot Strapper

Musicians Room--Boot Strapper

Mission: Launch, Inc.--Boot Strapper

Review Signal--Boot Strapper

Shewbe--Boot Strapper

GB Wallets--Student Entrepreneur

Borrowed Life Brand--Boot Strapper

Handmade Habitat--Student Entrepreneur

Interlock International Consulting Group--Boot Strapper

CleanSlateIT--Student Entrepreneur

Integrated Solar Roof Tiles--Student Entrepreneur

Discreet Secrete Solutions--Student Entrepreneur

Raygun Robyn--Boot Strapper

Pink Ribbons Gifts--Boot Strapper

IConversations Public Relations & Social Media--Boot Strapper

inzonecoach--Boot Strapper

Synapsis Business Network--Student Entrepreneur

Cynnabun's--Student Entrepreneurs

Coyle Tree Piece Helmets--Student Entrepreneurs

Sizemic Waves - Boot Strapper


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