Making Progress for Maryland

Maryland has tremendous opportunities in the challenging times ahead of us. But working together in 2007, we were able to move Maryland forward simultaneously along three fronts: Workforce Creation, Sustainability, and Security Integration. Making government work again enables us to protect the quality of life for all of Maryland's families.

Protecting Our Families and Maryland's Quality of Life

  • Fought for and established America’s first Living Wage law – providing a decent wage for a full day’s work.
  • Reformed ground rent system, eliminating the creation of new ground rents.
  • Made our tax system fairer by providing an income tax cut for middle class families – to offset the penny sales tax increase – and closing corporate loopholes.
  • Reduced spending by $280 million in FY 08, and will reduce estimated spending by an additional $550 million next year.
  • Expanded access to healthcare coverage for 100,000 more Marylanders and made healthcare more affordable for small businesses.
  • Established Home Preservation Task Force to protect homeownership.
  • Signed law making Maryland’s restaurants and bars smoke-free.

Making Government Work

  • Established StateStat, a performance measurement system for State agencies that will improve accountability and efficiency.
  • Established BayStat to coordinate public, private, non-profit efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.
  • Established BRAC Subcabinet to work with local governments and military installations to coordinate planning for base realignment.  Comprehensive report completed.
  • Reconstituted the Public Service Commission with independent, professional regulators.
  • Closed an inherited $1.7 billion structural deficit to secure the State’s future. 
  • Finally settled the slots issue – that has gridlocked our government for years – by letting the people decide in a referendum.

Greatness lies in our ability to advance along these fronts as One Maryland, and by focusing our efforts on these unifying strategies, we were successful in: