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Jobs Calculations Based on Economic Model

Direct jobs were reported to the federal government by agencies receiving ARRA funds per Section 1512.

Indirect and induced jobs were calculated by taking actual ARRA expenditures of Education, Transportation, Medicaid, and Family Safety Net ARRA spending* and using economic models** to calculate reliable estimates of indirect and induced jobs.

** Calculations performed by Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development using Minnesota IMPLAN models

Types of Job Creation Supported by the ARRA

Direct jobs are those supported by ARRA dollars.  An example is a road construction worker on a highway project funded by ARRA

Indirect jobs are those that support ARRA funded work, but are not directly paid by ARRA dollars.  An example is an employee at an asphalt company that supplies asphalt for the same highway project.

Induced jobs are created by increased consumer activity.  For example, if the construction worker goes to a restaurant more now that he has a job and the restaurant hires a new employee, that employee is an induced job.

Maryland Recovery Jobs Created or Saved

Job Impacts by Type of Spending
11th ARRA Reporting Period: April 1 - July 31, 2011

2012  Q2 Direct Jobs Indirect Jobs Induced Jobs Total Q2 Jobs
TOTAL 1,561 498 1052 3,111
Information Technology 227 337 387 952
Health 15 0 6 21
Education 427 .0 210 638
Transportation 304 96 190 590
Workforce 29 2 10 41
Universities 229 38 104 371
Housing 244 11 102 357
Environment 30 10 19 58
Energy 28 4 12 44
Public Safety 29 0 12 41